Why do we use drugs?
First of all, the aim of drug therapy is to achieve pharmacological improvement.
It is aimed to alleviate existing complaints and improve over time.
The correct aim is to cure, not to numb and appease.
Considerations when using drugs:
The use of the drug is possible under the control of the doctor, in the form recommended by the doctor, if it is in the effective time and effective dose.
Do not expect recovery in a short time.
Sometimes drugs may be given for different purposes other than those specified in the package insert.
If you are worried about the information in the drug package insert, do not stop the drug without consulting your doctor.
Even if your complaints improve, do not stop the medicine without stopping your doctor.
Not all of the side effects mentioned may be present together; There may even be no side effects at all.
Do not take drugs with alcohol or consult your doctor.
The resulting side effects will usually disappear after a short time. (10-15 days or less)
Do not get information about your medicines from people who are not experts.
Do not play with drug doses unless you are told otherwise.
Do not use or recommend your medicines for other than the intended purpose.
Share with your doctor that you are in the period of pregnancy or breastfeeding. It is necessary to be under control during these periods.
If you are dealing with work that requires attention, remind your doctor.
There may be changes in sleep or dreaming depending on the content of the drug.
Tell your doctor about other medicines you use.
Since some drugs can affect blood pressure and heart rhythm, your doctor will check blood pressure and pulse in each session.

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