What is Voyager Token (VGX) Coin, Where And How To Get It? | News in Planet

Voyager Token (VGX) is a cryptocurrency and blockchain project developed for e-commerce transactions. VGX allows users who want to make e-commerce transactions all over the world, that is, to shop online, to pay with tens of cryptocurrencies in US Dollars, as well as to earn interest on their deposits as VGX in the system, and absolutely no commission, transaction fee, etc. in any of their purchases or payments. makes them pay.

In short, the system works like this: You invest in the Voyager platform with your cryptocurrencies or fiat money (Dollars) and buy VGX coins. When shopping from e-commerce sites included in the system, you pay the fee in VGX, not in Dollars. You do not pay commissions or transaction fees while doing this. You also earn daily interest (reward) on the money you keep in your VGX wallet. Voyager platform also provides cash-back advantage for some contracted services.

The total supply of Voyager Token is 222.2 million units and all are in circulation. With a valuation of 1.5 Billion USD, VGX coin was ranked 49th in the cryptocurrency market and 1 VGX was equal to 6.80 USD at the time of publication. VGX, which saw its historical peak in January 2018 with 10 dollars, can also be bought, sold and transferred on its own platform, of course, from Binance and UniSwap exchanges.

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