What is an option?

It is a derivative transaction that gives the right to buy or sell a certain financial asset or commodity (underlying asset) at a price determined by the parties (the strike price) at a future date.

In an option transaction, it is not the direct purchase or sale of the underlying asset, but the purchase or sale of the right to buy or sell. In option transactions, the buyer has the right to cancel the contract at maturity. However, if the buyer wants to use the right he has purchased, the seller has to buy or sell the underlying asset at the exercise price according to the use of the right purchased by the buyer.

What are Money Markets?

The financial market in which funds with a maturity of less than one year change hands is called the money market. According to this definition, for example, T.C. While treasury bills, which are one of the government domestic debt securities (GDDS) issued by the Treasury, are money market products, investment loans and project finance loans are considered capital market products because their maturities are longer than one year.

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