What Impact Will NFTs Have? | News in Planet

Considering the current usage areas of NFTs, we can say that they firstly solve intellectual property problems. While it is very easy to copy a work in the digital environment, NFT solves this problem by revealing who owns the rights to the work. Since they are a programmable digital asset, the shares of the artists from the next sale can also be encoded into the NFT. Thus, in the event of a sale, the relevant amount is automatically transferred to the artist’s wallet. The digital nature of the works allows all types of users to purchase them from all over the world. As the customer base expands thanks to digitalization, the number of people who can access the work and want to invest increases and the demand increases, and as the demand increases, the price rises. As demand increases, supply also increases. Both more works and works at different price levels are coming to the market. This increases accessibility for investors and art lovers, and allows more works to be sold. The ecosystem is expanding.

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