Accessible to all banks, your loan refers to a financial summary with all the transactions that banks have planned. It exhibits the credit rating by looking at the past data and taking the credit registry first from the ones who want to borrow from the banks, that is, to use the loan. For this reason, it allows you to know whether you own an investment or support in accordance with your own decision and whether or not to give your credit record at the bank first.

What is a Credit Rating?

Credit score by definition; It is given as an indication of how you will achieve this payment without contributing any money, with data from your past periods. This does not tell you that between 1 and 1900 people you belong to the profile of people who are most at risk by people who are not, 1900 falls in the class that you are the most loyal, closest person to their debts. Although it varies from bank to bank, the general credit usage of 900 or 900 or more from 1000 banks is not very favorable, while those with a rating above 1200 can get a loan more easily depending on their income. In other words, the prestige of our equipment is parallel to the design of our credit rating.

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