• The topic we will cover in this article will be credit and debt. Especially with the increase in credit usage in the world compared to previous years, many users started to search for many data on the stock market and capital market over the internet. These two pieces of information, which are especially researched these days, are two issues that are firmly in the minds of all of us. First of all, credit can be considered as a privilege that banks give to their customers, as we all know, because the loans approved by looking at the data obtained as a result of the examinations and researches can be delivered to the customers, we have examined this in detail in our other articles. These two concepts are briefly explained as follows:
  • Credit: Goods, money, borrowed or given.
  • Debt: Money or something received or required to be repaid.
  • As we can deduce from these two meanings, credit can be defined as valuable goods or money, and Debt can be defined as service or money that needs to be paid back. In this article, we tried to explain the concepts of credit and debt, and we are waiting for you in our other articles about these concepts and economy.

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