What Does Credit Access Line Mean (Fast And Secure Banking Service)? | News in Planet
  • Our customers who call the Customer Communication Center will be able to continue their transactions by keying in “One Password” (the password used in the Internet Branch and the Customer Communication Center), card password or card information.
  • Customers calling from a phone number that is not registered in our bank will be asked to verify the one-time password that will be sent via SMS to the registered mobile phone number.
  • Our Mobile users will be able to verify transactions with our customer representatives via Mobile with Smart Notification.
  • If your mobile phone number is not up to date, you can update your mobile number from our ATMs and branches.
  • In order to carry out your banking transactions, you can reach our customer representatives by using the above-mentioned verification methods or by dialing the information through the Voice Response System. In calls without using this information, you can only report lost/stolen cards and suspicious transactions, and get general information about our products and applications.

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