What Does ADR Mean İn The Stock Market? | News in Planet

In this article, which we published under the title of Economy, we will try to clarify what adr means in the stock market. Stock market transactions, which are frequently visited in the world market and receive large investments, need many up-to-date and permanent terms.

-As we mentioned in this article, we will provide information on the term adr in the stock market, which is frequently visited by current stock market users. In the global market, ADR is a “deposit receipt” that facilitates the buying and selling of any stock traded on local exchanges in markets outside the country (usually the New York, London or Istanbul stock exchanges). To put it more clearly.

-There is a company called XxX. Everyone in Japan knows this company. The company’s stocks are traded on the local stock exchange. But the firm also wants to sell stocks in foreign markets, especially in the USA. Here, ADR brings solutions to these questions. A foreign intermediary institution (Investment Bank) first examines and evaluates the company that will sell its stock. According to the demand from abroad, it buys the stock from the local market and provides the equivalent ADR in US dollars. The entity that issues these ADRs is called the Depositary Bank. In this article, we talked about the adr phrase in the stock market, which is one of the frequently asked questions, see you in our future articles.

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