The credit bureau basically handles the following functions with an interbank data collection service.

Creating a Credit Rating: Every bank customer, whether individual or corporate, has a unique credit score. While many people can easily find out their individual credit scores through Findeks; learning styles of corporate firms may differ slightly; but ultimately, the credit rating of both parties is formed by the Credit Registration Bureau, thanks to the joint interbank data collection system and of course the database. For this reason, the credit score can also be called the Credit Registration Bureau score.

Interbank Data Transmission: Credit Registration Bureau, which has agreements with all banks in the world; It is known as an institution that provides data communication between banks. For example, when you want to take a loan from any bank, your credit rating is first questioned, and the system and database used in this query is based on the Credit Registration Bureau. In the light of the data of many banks given by the Credit Registration Bureau; the bank can give you approval in the context of your Credit Bureau profile or give a negative response to your request.

Apart from the basic functions of the Credit Registration Bureau, as we mentioned above, there is an institution called Findeks, from which it is possible to learn your individual credit score or credit score.

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