As you know, we will give you some information about the concept of credit analyst, which we have heard frequently recently, and what credit analysts do.
Credit analyst is a profession that collects and analyzes the financial data of people or companies requesting credit cards or loans. As a result of the evaluations, it informs the customer, makes suggestions and ensures that the necessary procedures are carried out / The credit analyst is responsible for the evaluation of risk factors that will prevent the approval of loan applications. It collects and analyzes the financial history of the applicants and acts as a result of the analysis.
What are the Requirements to Become a Credit Analyst?
If you want to be a credit analyst, universities; You must graduate with at least a bachelor’s degree from departments such as Business Administration, Economics, Finance, Statistics, Accounting and Labor Economics. According to the scale of the institution and the field of study, it is also important that you do a master’s degree or take appropriate training in the field.
What Education Is Required to Become a Credit Analyst?
If you have a career goal in this subject, you should take trainings such as Statistics, Business Management, Economics, Accounts, Financial Situation Analysis, Ratio Analysis, Risk Assessment, Finance and Accounting. When applying to large-scale institutions, it is also required to have attended graduate programs in Data Analytics and Business Intelligence.

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