As the experience with NFTs increases, we see that creative new business models are being built. First, the digitization, or tokenization, of physical assets can be applied to a wide range of industries. For example, a house designed in a 3D virtual world was sold for $500,000 last week in America. We also know that land sales are made as NFT in some games.

Another area where NFTs will affect will be social media. In particular, metrics such as the number of followers, views and views that content producers monetize will not be able to be manipulated by central social media companies thanks to NFTs. The digitization of physical assets, on the other hand, seems to cause us to redesign many processes that we have been accustomed to so far. In the future use of NFTs, we can imagine a scenario where governments produce their bonds as NFTs and trade them on a global scale. Frankly, we can say that the business models in the NFT world are limited by your imagination.

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