An article in the New York Times found buyers for $563,000 over NFT in March 2021. New York Times columnist Kevin Roose sold his column titled “Buy this on Blockchain” for $563,000 as NFT; Referring to the NFT system in his article, he said, “Normally, I am not allowed to sell in my columns. This one is an exception, however, because it’s the article itself that’s for sale. This is because I have decided to join the freewheeling world of NFTs, the new frontier of the cryptocurrency frenzy.” had used the phrase.

Addressing his followers in his post on his Twitter account, Roose said, “Make an offer, you can have the first NFT in the newspaper’s 170-year history.” shared his statements.

It was later announced that Roose’s article was purchased by a collector with $536,000 worth of cryptocurrencies.

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