Does Xanax Cause Delayed Ejaculation? | News in Planet

As it is known, Xanax is a drug that is frequently used by doctors around the world and its patients use it at certain periods. It is also used to treat symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorders and panic attacks, severe anxiety attacks that may occur with depression.

As we all know, this and similar drugs should never be used without the advice of a doctor. If you experience any vision problems after using this drug, you should immediately go to a health institution and get support. Especially when this and similar drugs with severe psychological effects are used without a doctor’s advice, they can cause irreversible negative consequences for the human body. It should be used on the date and frequency prescribed by the doctor, especially in psychological cases experiencing anger control and emotional ambiguity.

The results of the experiments and researches show that certain side effects are seen in a certain part of the patients using Xanax, among these complaints such as sexual activity disorder and delayed ejaculation problems from time to time. Considering all of the studies, some patients do not have any side effects, while in some patients, visual impairment that occurs at different time periods may occur together with fatigue. Patients who experience this and this situation should regularly follow the exercises and instructions given by the doctor, and even if the medication does not work, they should stop the medication for a certain period of time under the doctor’s control.

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