What is Novalgin and what is it used for?
NOVALGIN contains the active substance metamizole sodium. One tablet contains 500 mg of metamizole sodium. It is available in blister packs containing 20 tablets.

There are also ampoules, syrups and oral drops of NOVALGIN on the market. NOVALGIN is a drug with analgesic, antipyretic and spasm (contraction) solving effects. Your doctor may have prescribed NOVALGIN for you because you have severe or persistent pain or fever.

The main active ingredient of some pain relievers is paracetamol. Although this substance has analgesic properties, it can also cause some allergic reactions. In addition, there is a possibility of damaging the liver in long-term use. So, does Novalgin contain paracetamol? Novalgin is a drug used in very severe pains such as cancer-related tumor pains and post-operative severe spasms. Novalgin with metamizole sodium does not contain paracetamol. Therefore, patients with liver disease can apply to this drug to relieve high-grade pain.

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