What is cortisone?
Cortisone is a molecule that helps reduce inflammation and immune responses. It can also be used as replacement therapy for certain hormones.

Does Hametan contain cortisone?

As it is known, Hametan is a cream used for burns, wounds and cracked skin. Cortisone is also known to be used for skin treatment. Therefore, do people using Hametan contain cortisone? It brings to mind the question. However, Hametan cream does not contain cortisone. It is obvious that Hametan does not contain cortisone as it is used for skin treatment in line with the information in the package insert. For skin treatment, your doctor will recommend you the most useful medicine and cream. People who use hametan for skin treatment should know that it does not contain cortisone.
Zoretanine is a capsule written by a doctor in case the drugs used for acne, which is frequently experienced during adolescence, do not respond. Does Zoretanine have cortisone? For those who ask, there is no such data in the prospectus.

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