What is FAVİMOL and what is it used for?
FAVİMOL tablet is taken orally. Your medicine is in packages containing 40 tablets and 200 mg each.
It is available as yellow, round, biconvex film-coated tablets containing favipiravir.
FAVIMOL can only be caused by new or re-emerging influenza-type viruses.
Infections, insufficient or insufficient use of drugs used against other influenza virus infections
It is used when it is ineffective. Necessary instructions and information about the use of FAVİMOL
It will be given to you by your doctor.

Things to consider before using FAVİMOL.

If you suspect pregnancy or have childbearing potential, take FAVİMOL. Make sure your pregnancy test is negative before using it. during treatment or The most effective method of contraception should be used for 7 days after the end of treatment. If pregnancy is suspected during treatment, stop using FAVİMOL immediately and consult your doctor. FAVİMOL is distributed into the sperm. For this reason, the most effective method of contraception (eg, condom use) should be used by male patients during treatment or for 7 days after the end of treatment, and sexual intercourse with pregnant women should be avoided. Before the treatment, the necessity of using FAVİMOL will be evaluated by your doctor, The efficacy and risks of treatment will be explained to you and your family members and you will have written consent. will be taken. FAVİMOL will inform you that medicines used against other influenza virus infections only in infections caused by new or re-established influenza type viruses.
It is prescribed when it is insufficient or ineffective. FAVİMOL is used if the government decides to use this medicinal product as a precaution against influenza viruses.
FAVİMOL is not effective against bacterial infections.
FAVİMOL is not available for use in children.

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