In this article, we will investigate whether the ellaone drug, which is used as a morning-after pill, can cause abdominal pain. Before we get into this research, let’s introduce the drug ellaone. Ellaone is an over-the-counter drug used as a morning-after pill. It is used as a birth control pill in unprotected sexual intercourse, condom rupture or puncture. The drug is disposable and should be taken as soon as possible after sexual intercourse. The longer the drug is used, the less effective it will be. Therefore, the drug must be used within the first 72 hours for it to take effect. This medicine will not work if you are pregnant. It does not end the pregnancy.

So, does this medicine cause abdominal pain when used? In studies conducted by experts, experiencing abdominal pain and various cramps after using the drug is one of the side effects of the drug. In such cases of pain and cramps, these are probably the side effects of the drug. If you experience severe pain, be sure to consult your doctor and report the situation.

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