What is Cortisone?
Cortisone is a molecule that helps reduce inflammation and immune responses, and can also be used as replacement therapy for a number of hormones.

Does Cortair Contain Cortisone?
CORTAIR belongs to the group of medicines used to reduce inflammation, containing the active ingredient budesonide, called glucocorticosteroid.
Your asthma is caused by inflammation in your airways. Cortair is used in all stages of asthma to relieve inflammation, widen the airway, control disease symptoms and reduce the need for oral steroids (life-saving drugs used in asthma treatment). It is not recommended to be used alone in KOH (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Cortair is also used to treat croup, an upper respiratory tract infection caused by viruses that occurs rapidly in infants and children and requires hospitalization.

CORTAIR is available in packages containing 20 vials. Each vial contains 2 ml of off-white suspension. Each vial is for single use only. CORTAIR is for inhalation with the aid of a nebulizer (inhaler). When you breathe with the help of a mouth piece or face mask, the medicine will reach your lungs with your breath. It should be used regularly as prescribed by the doctor.

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