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Find out if Bepanthol, a topical skin care product, contains cortisone. Learn about the ingredients, uses, and potential side effects of Bepanthol. Get the answers you need now.

What is Cortisone?
Cortisone is a corticoid hormone, also called glucocorticoid. This hormone is naturally synthesized by the human body. By reducing the natural responses of the immune system, it suppresses the inflammatory responses of the body. Cortisone is sold by prescription as an oral medication and is a type of medication that can cause serious medical problems as a result of misuse.

What is Bepanthol used for?
It provides extra care for frequently dry, cracked, and irritated skin. This cream, which absorbs quickly without making the skin feel greasy, moisturizes the skin from the very first use and also makes your skin soft. Especially in winter, it is very effective to prevent cracks and skin dryness caused by the effect of wind and cold air. Dry skin caused by moisture loss quickly causes wrinkles and skin problems in the future. Bepanthol skin care cream provides the necessary moisture to the skin while forming a protective barrier on the skin, it protects the skin from external effects.

Does Bepanthol Contain Cortisone?
One of the most important answers we will give to this question, first of all, since cortisone weakens your body’s ability to fight infections, individuals who use systemic cortisone drugs, that is, those that affect the whole body should stay away from people with chickenpox or measles, especially if they have not been vaccinated and have not had these diseases before. It is known that Bepanthol does not contain cortisone.

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