Do vitamins pass skin blemishes?

We talked about the positive effects of vitamins A, C and E on skin health and quality. These vitamins, when used together, can protect the skin against environmental damage and the sun’s harmful rays. Vitamin C sources are also valuable in terms of triggering collagen production.

In addition, as vitamin E decreases in the body over time and with sun exposure, our fight against skin blemishes may naturally decrease. Therefore, it is important to consume foods containing vitamin E frequently.

Another vitamin that is important for body and skin health is vitamin D. Apart from protecting the skin against sun damage, vitamin D; It also plays a role in healthy cell growth and development.

Minerals and skin blemishes

Minerals are just as important as vitamins for skin health, skin quality and skin blemishes. For example, adequate zinc levels ensure a healthy skin cell turnover. In its deficiency, pigmentation problems can be seen on the skin. This can cause both skin problems and an increased risk of dermatitis. It has been stated that there may be an increase in the risk of skin cancer in selenium deficiency. Selenium can also negatively affect the development of skin cells when it is deficient in the body.

Are nutrients alone enough to remove skin blemishes?

A balanced and healthy diet is very important to support skin health. With this; If you have skin problems that need help, such as deep scarring, intense active acne, sunspots, you may need to talk to a dermatologist and support a specialist. Because it is very difficult to treat skin problems with only foods. For example, people with melasma are deficient in nutrients. In such a case, professional skin treatments and, of course, a specialist dermatologist are needed. Spot-targeting skin treatments developed with innovative technologies can help treat spots by targeting specific issues.

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