In today’s article, we will examine the effects of the use of xanax during pregnancy. Before doing this review, we will tell you about xanax, who should use it and who should not, and some of its side effects.

What is Xanax? Xanax is a prescription drug recommended by doctors to treat psychological problems, used briefly as a sedative. It is used to treat and reduce seizures in anxiety and panic attack situations. Its key ingredient is alprazolam. By acting on chemical processes in the brain, this substance reduces the seizures that increase in anxiety or panic attack situations. Because it is an addictive drug, it is usually used for a short time. It is taken orally in tablet form. Since the drug is a green prescription drug, it should be used under the supervision of a doctor. Definitely do not use the drug with the advice of your environment or do not recommend it to your own people. Do not halt the drug when stopping the drug. You should reduce it with the doses determined by the doctor and leave it as it is.

Who should not use Xanax? First, those who are allergic to the drug itself or those who are allergic to other substances in the drug should not consume the drug. So who else shouldn’t use xanax?

1) Those with nerve or muscle diseases

2) Those who have breathing problems

3) Minors under 18

4) Those with liver problems

So, returning to our question, can xanax be used during pregnancy? It is dangerous to become pregnant while using the drug. Therefore, birth control pills must be provided while using the drug. If you are pregnant, the medicine may harm the baby. Therefore, you should not use the drug while pregnant. If you are already breastfeeding, the doctor will not give the medicine to you.

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