In today’s article, we will examine the effects of using the drug called lyrica during pregnancy. Before we do this review, we will tell you about the drug Lyria, who should use it and who should not, and some of its side effects.

What is Lyrica? Lyrica is a green prescription medicine often used to treat anxiety disorder or epilepsy. Its main active ingredient is pregabalin. Thanks to pregabalin, this drug changes the interaction of chemicals in the brain with each other, reducing pain and slowing down seizures. Lyrica is taken orally. The most common side effects are; headache, dizziness and drowsiness. Since the doctor will give the medicine to you, do not recommend the medicine to others or use the medicine recommended to you by others. Do not stop the medicine by yourself, as the doses and days of the medicine will be determined by the doctor. When you are going to quit, it will be appropriate for the doctor to reduce the doses.

Who should not use Lyrica? First, those who are allergic to pregabalin, the key ingredient of the drug, or those who are allergic to other substances in the drug should not consume the drug. So who else shouldn’t use lyrica?

1) Children under the age of 18 should not use lyrica.

2) Those over 60 years of age should not use lyrica.

3) Diabetic patients should use Lyria carefully.

4) Those who are addicted (alcohol or other substances) should not use this drug.

So, returning to our question, can lyrica be used during pregnancy? First, if you are using the drug for your epilepsy disease and you are pregnant, if the only drug you use is lyrica, you should definitely not stop it without telling your doctor. With multi-drug use, lyrica can harm you and your baby while you are pregnant. However, if you are not using lyrica for epilepsy, we recommend you do not breastfeed your baby while using lyrica. In cases of pregnancy, you should definitely consult your doctor for the drug Lyrica.

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